Sunday, December 5, 2010

Important Details You Should Know About Tinnitus Causes

Have you ever experienced a buzzing, whining, pulsing, or ringing sound that seems to come from deep inside your ear? This is a condition known as tinnitus. There are many different types of tinnitus, and there are also many different causes for it. Some of the tinnitus causes can be prevented, while other causes for the condition sometimes happen spontaneously. If you have tinnitus, you should have your ears checked by your doctor so that you could find out the right cure for your condition.

There are many causes of tinnitus that are currently known. Some of the leading causes of the ear-ringing are common colds and sinus infections. Although the most apparent symptoms of sinus infections and common colds are in the respiratory tract, it could also affect the ears. People may get temporary tinnitus whenever they have the flu. However, all that are needed to eliminate this type of tinnitus is healing and recovery.

Another one of the major causes of the ringing is prolonged exposure to loud noise. This can cause inner ear damage, which in turn causes the tinnitus that people would hear. This happens when the tiny hair-like nerve endings inside the inner ear bend or break because of the loud noises. If your work involves loud noises such as aircraft engines, machinery, or rock concerts, you should wear protective gear. Protecting your ears from the loud sounds will prevent you from incurring ear damage as well as getting tinnitus.

The accumulation of earwax inside your ear is also one of the top tinnitus causes. If there is too much wax inside the ear, it could cause a pressure build-up. This sometimes blocks the passage to the inner ear. The blockage can disrupt normal hearing, and it may even cause tinnitus.

Medicines like antibiotics and prescription drugs are also some of the top causes of tinnitus. If you are taking medicines, be sure to know the side effects that are associated with them. If they cause your tinnitus, you could try lowering your dosage and see if the ringing disappears.

Health problems and age are also some of the tinnitus causes. People who are suffering from health problems are more susceptible to getting tinnitus. Aside from that, older people are also more prone to getting tinnitus. A direct health injury could also be one of the causes for tinnitus in a person. If the head or neck of an individual is injured, it could affect the nerve connections of the person. One of the most common symptoms that result from a blow to the head is hearing loss. In some cases, the tinnitus could even occur in just one ear.

If you have atherosclerosis, cholesterol build-up in the blood vessels near the ear may cause the tinnitus. This causes a pulsating tinnitus, which means that the ringing sound is intermittent and pulsing. The rushing sound happens when the blood flow at the vessels in the inner ear changes.

There are many other things that could get to cause tinnitus. To treat the tinnitus that you are experiencing, you should first consult with your physician. If you know the tinnitus causes, you could get to find the right tinnitus cure for you. If you can’t find the exact cure for your tinnitus, you could just try to live with it.

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