Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learn More About Tinnitus Relief

Hearing ringing sound in the ears is called ear tinnitus and this condition needs to be treated with some tinnitus relief. This condition is characterized by symptoms such as hearing constant roaring sound, chirping, ringing, or buzzing sound in the ears. The sounds produced due to this condition can either be in high or low pitch. The symptoms may also attach intermittently, constantly, or they could be pulsing. The sufferer may also be sensitive to sounds. The symptoms of tinnitus can annoy an individual but there are some methods that provide tinnitus relief. Continue reading this article to know more about what methods you can try to acquire relief from tinnitus.

1. Dietary Changes Offer Tinnitus Relief

Changing your diet habits can help stop the symptoms of tinnitus because good diet habits can improve blood circulation. According to some studies, poor blood circulation causes tinnitus. Some of the best changes in your diet include limiting your daily consumption of fat by 25% of your daily calorie intake. You should also restrict or stop drinking caffeine and alcohol as these are responsible for inflammation and mineral imbalances on the inner part of the ear.

2. Lifestyle Changes Offer Tinnitus Relief

Modifying or changing your lifestyle such as staying away from cigarette and protecting the ears from loud sounds and noises with the use of ear protection devices can alleviate the tinnitus symptoms.

3. Take Supplements to Acquire Tinnitus Relief

Some dietary supplements such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, and melatonin have been proven to help provide naturally effective tinnitus relief. According to a certain study conducted on reliefs available for tinnitus, 90 to 150 mg of zinc supplements a day for around 3 to 6 months can greatly improve the symptoms of tinnitus. Another study stated that 3 mg of melatonin taken every night can improve the symptoms of tinnitus particularly those that manifest when a sufferer is sleeping.

4. Acquire Tinnitus Relief through Herbs

Different herbs can help patients alleviate and cope with their tinnitus symptoms. For example, gingko biloba is widely used in Germany and Japan for treating poor blood circulation, which is one of the common causes of tinnitus. 40 to 80 mg of gingko biloba supplements a day for up to a month or two can be taken then have your condition reevaluated. If there is improvement in the symptoms, you can continue taking the same dosage; however, you have to make sure not to take more than 240 mg of gingko biloba a day and you should not take these supplements in conjunction with drugs used to treat blood-thinning conditions. Another common herb used to acquire tinnitus relief is the lesser periwinkle. Though proven effective, it is still best to consult first with your doctor before you decide to take these herbs.

The four options for tinnitus relief discussed in this article have significantly helped some patients of tinnitus to manage their condition. One thing you have to remember though is to talk with your healthcare provider or doctor to avoid any possible side effects.

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