Friday, August 27, 2010

Learn More About Tinnitus Remedies

A person must be informed that tinnitus is not an illness but a culprit of an underlying disease in the system. The annoying sounds of tinnitus could always keep a person from having a normal living. The ringing, buzzing, hissing, booming, and humming sound could affect a person from doing his regular work. That is why there are easy to follow Tinnitus remedies to address such annoying sounds from within for a better living.

Tinnitus, as said, is just a symptom. But if it goes on unaddressed, it could create a bigger problem to general health. Because it is both irritating and annoying when tinnitus is not taken cared of, may stop a person from doing regular work and could result in sleeplessness. Treating the symptom could make the ringing tolerable.

One of the easiest Tinnitus remedies would be keeping the immune system healthy. Most patients with tinnitus could not sleep well as during the nights the ringing would be more prominent as external sounds are less. And due to sleeplessness, the immune system, which is essential to general health, could fluctuate; thus making a person prone to other diseases. To address this, food or food supplements with zinc would be recommended for a stronger immune system. A good diet would be advised to those experiencing tinnitus. Foods like: salty, cheese, chocolate, dairy products, saturated fats, and sugar are prohibited as some of them can cause the blood sugar to decrease thus causing tinnitus. It is also advised that even coffee and tea intake must be limited as it can aggravate pain. Fresh and raw foods, green vegetables, protein rich diet and foods rich in vitamins like vitamin A, B, and E, zinc, and choline should be a part of the diet. Dried fruits enhance blood circulation and suggested to be a part of the diet.

Living a healthy lifestyle is an important way of tinnitus remedies. This healthy lifestyle means no drinking and no smoking. These two can elevate blood pressure. Exercise is also one of the good Tinnitus remedies as it helps keeps the mental and physical health of a person to a normal level. Medication must be monitored or prescribed by a doctor as some can cause tinnitus. Yoga is good too! It increases the GABA level in the body and for this reason; the ringing in the ear may be controlled.

Another helpful tinnitus remedies would be sleeping not able to tune the radio at bedside. It will help in neutralizing the internal sound of the ear, promoting a sound sleep for a healthy mind and body.

The Ear Drumming Technique is a new ways of the Tinnitus remedies. It has no side effects and is easy to do. Just close your ears with your palm in such a way that the fingers touch the back of the skull. Let the index finger be on top of the middle finger and presses it hard that the index finger slides though the middle finger. As the index finger reaches the skull, it produces a drumming effect. Done 40-50 times daily, this technique is said to control the ringing of the ears.

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