Monday, September 27, 2010

Unilateral Tinnitus - How to Treat It

Tinnitus may affect one or both ears. Bilateral if it affects both ears; and if it affects one, it’s called unilateral. Tinnitus could be heard of only by the affected unless it is a pulsatile type of tinnitus. A pulsatile tinnitus is when the sound could not only be heard of by the sufferer but also by a person near him. This is a rare condition though. It only has 3 percent of the total number of those having tinnitus problem. And among the 2 types of tinnitus, it is the unilateral tinnitus that is more common.

Buzzing in one ear or tinnitus in left ear are other names for unilateral tinnitus. A basic cause for a tinnitus would be impacted earwax. This is easy to solve. A person just needs to visit his doctor and have it removed. Trying to remove it may cause further damage in the ear. Doctors use the special instruments to take out the impacted earwax safely. Ear infection may also cause a ringing ear. One problem is found in this condition. Some of the medications for this might cause further unilateral tinnitus. And there are other drugs that might trigger this condition such as: anti-depressants, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, ibuprofen, anti-malarial, oral contraceptives and chemotherapy.

Trauma in the head could damage or traumatize the parts in the middle ear. And since it is damaged these auditory nerves may send incorrect data to the brain. Constant exposure to loud sounds or a high decibel sounds could damage hair cells resulting in a unilateral tinnitus. Normally, these hair cells bring sound waves into electrochemical currents that bring auditory information to the brain, but as this is damaged by some factors, the brain will translate false signals sent by these “hair cells”. This would then result to a tinnitus

As it hasn’t been proven to cause a ringing in the ear, it may still be related to unilateral tinnitus. A study has it that an excessive stress will cause a chemical imbalance in the body. The chemical imbalance could turn fluid levels in the ear to be unstable. This unstableness will then cause an ear ringing symptom. Diets must be monitored for those who have tinnitus. Cessation of salty diet, high caffeine intake, too much alcohol, too much fat, and nicotine must be considered as it may increase the possibility of a tinnitus.

Unilateral Tinnitus could be a simple problem or it might be a cause for a serious problem that can lead to a permanent hearing loss. It would be best for a person who experiences this to undergo a proper medical evaluation. We should not take matters in our own hands as we are uncertain of the causes of which the tinnitus arises from. A proper medical evaluation will lead to the proper treatment of the patient. There are so many helpful ways to treat unilateral tinnitus but knowing where it’s coming from will get the patient to the right treatment.

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