Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vertigo Cures - Detailed Advice

Knowledge of what vertigo is would be the most important thing to its recovery. Knowing that it is not a disease, it is a symptom of an underlying problem of the body yet to be discovered. Vertigo is a spinning sensation brought by a problem of balance. A symptom of vertigo includes having nausea and vomiting, being out of balanced, light headedness, floating sensation, unfocused sight and weakness. Some reasons why a person gets vertigo are the problem in the function of the peripheral and vestibular system or central vestibular system, Meniere’s disease or Labyrinthitis or dehydration. Identifying the cause helps in choosing from the many vertigo cures.

Knowing the root cause is essential in giving effective vertigo cures. For vertigo that the root cause is coming from the inner ear, a method called vestibular rehabilitation works for this condition. It is a series of treatments and therapies joined to repair inner ear problems. If it comes from a brain problem, it would be treatable with neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitors, substances that are mixed together to correct small problems in the brain. But nerve problem has several treatments available. Physicians and health delivery experts may recommend antihistamines, calcium antagonist. And epley maneuver.

Other easy to follow vertigo cures would be as such: lifestyle change, healthy diet, body cleansing, exercises, maneuvers and different traditional and natural therapies. Being in a healthy state is a big contribution to vertigo cures. Laughing would be a good way to prevent vertigo and even gives 30 percent cure as it gives a natural inner massage thus changing the mood of the body. Psychotherapy and spiritual therapy became a perfect therapy to some. Before undergoing any clinical vertigo cures, consulting a physician would be of greater help.

Healthy body is one good way of vertigo cures, so feed it right. Body cleansing, exercises and traditional or natural therapies may be done to get rid of vertigo. A vertigo brought about by a benign paroxysmal positional vertigo could be cured with use of maneuvers - semont maneuver or epley maneuver. A semont maneuver is when the patient lying down will be moved from one side to the other; epley maneuver on the other hand, is a head exercise that requires the patient to loose the particles to a place in the ear in such a way that it won’t cause dizziness.

Still, there are still some that require medicines for vertigo cures. Among these drugs that can be used are: Meclizine, diazepam, atropine, promethazine, dimenhydrinate and scopolamine. Some could be relieved also using sometric exercises. With a few steps, it might give an instant temporary relief for vertigo. This could be done by using the palm or fingertips to press the forehand against the palm, exerting pressure, in such a way that the hand resists getting moved by the pressing of the head against it. Count for 10 second, then release. This is to be repeated 3-5 times. The body will then be conscious of where it is and then the dizziness will disappear slowly. In the end knowledge the underlying problem expressed in vertigo will surely lead the patient to the right vertigo cures.

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